New Bidding Features

Apr 2nd, 2019

At E-DealerDirect, we’re constantly improving our feature set in an effort to make life easier for our buyers and sellers. Today we are excited to tell you about our new proxy bidding features for our buyers. The new features can be broken down into three categories: Proxy Bidding, Bid Transparency and Outbid Notifications.

Proxy Bidding

It’s now possible to set a desired range when placing a bid on one of our vehicles and have our system automatically bid on your behalf, even when you’re away from the computer or phone. First put in your desired bid, then you’ll prompted for your maximum bid amount.

If all goes well, your first bid gets accepted but if another dealer outbids you, the system will bump in $250 increments up to your max bid. This ensures that you don’t pay too much or miss out on a vehicle that you really want.

Bid Transparency

We’ve gotten a bunch of requests from customers asking what it takes to win a vehicle. Traditionally we have not displayed the high bid amount but today we’re changing that. Once you place a bid, the system lets you know where you stand immediately. It will show the current high bid and whether you’ve been outbid or are the high bidder.

Outbid Notifications

If you do get outbid and the current high bid is above your proxy, we’ll automatically send out an email to let you know in case you still want the vehicle and don’t mind paying a little more. This has been a commonly asked for feature that we believe adds a bunch of value for our buying dealers.


This new feature set offers benefits to both our sellers and buyers. Sellers get more action on their vehicles while buyers gain transparency and ease of use. Instead of having to revisit the site every time you want to place a bid, visit once or twice a week and have our system work the rest of the week on your behalf.

Questions or comments? Never hesitate to reach out; we’re here to listen to and act on your feedback. We’re dynamic, move quickly and are eager to work with your dealership or financial institution.