An Intro to E-Dealer Direct

Oct 13th, 2021
An Intro to E-Dealer Direct

The automotive industry was one of the hardest hit industries by the pandemic. As a result, how dealers buy and sell wholesale inventory has evolved. A recent study by Cox Automotive in 2020 revealed that 74% franchise dealers are embracing new digital tools to manage their inventory. The same study found that 76% of dealers are completely open to making the switch to an online buying process and 84% of dealers agree that this is the future of the automotive auction industry.
Apr 2nd, 2019
New Bidding Features
Apr 2nd, 2019
At E-DealerDirect, we’re constantly improving our feature set in an effort to make life easier for our buyers and sellers. Today we are excited to tell you about our new proxy bidding features for our buyers. The new features can be broken down into three categories: Proxy Bidding, Bid Transparency and Outbid Notifications.

Proxy Bidding

It’s now possible to set a desired range when placing a bid on one of our vehicles and have our system automatically bid on your behalf, even when you’re away from the computer or phone. First put in your desired bid, then you’ll prompted for your maximum bid amount.

If all goes well, your first bid gets accepted but if another dealer outbids you, the system will bump in $250 increments up to your max bid. This ensures that you don’t pay too much or miss out on a vehicle that you really want.
The New
Feb 26th, 2019
E-Dealer Direct is an online used vehicle auction for licensed dealers. We help dealers and credit unions move on from old age inventory and fresh trades by listing their vehicles on our online auction. Once posted, over 400 dealers all over the nation have the ability to view and bid on the vehicles. Our high sell rate and return for the lister make us an ideal option for large and small organizations looking to move on from inventory. As a buyer, you have access to over 500 vehicles monthly. Our inventory is updated by the hour and we have a wide range of vehicles ranging from front line ready to as is units.

Over the last year we’ve been busy tuning and evolving our process. We started out manually doing much of the work but have since automated a great deal. As part of our push towards the future, we’ve started building out ways to better interact with our customers. This includes everything from better formatted email notifications to tools that help our users list and buy vehicles more easily.

Today I’d like to focus on the new features that we have published to our platform over the last couple of months. Our main focus has been building a better experience both through tooling but also through aesthetics and ease of of use. Our advancements can be broken down into four categories: Layout, Filters, Tooling and Communication.

2019 Tech Tribune Best Startup in El Paso
Aug 19th, 2018
We work hard at our startup and it’s nice when someone notices. We were recently featured on The Tech Tribune as the best tech startup in El Paso. The criteria was as follows:

  1. Revenue potential
  2. Leadership team
  3. Brand/product traction
  4. Competitive landscapeAdditionally, all companies must be independent (un-acquired), privately owned, at most 10 years old, and have received at least one round of funding in order to qualify.

We look forward to maintaining this momentum into 2019 and the future. We also wanted to give a shoutout to the number two best startup in El Paso, Parabeac. We are a growing city with a motivated work force that is poised to take off.

Thanks Tech Tribune, we hope to make the 2020 list as well 

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