eddAPI - The JSON API for the E-Dealer Direct platform.

This is the documentation for the E-DealerDirect public API used to create and manage auctions. Below the readme, in the Resources section, you will find a breakdown of the available endpoints and parameters as well as some example requests generated by our tests. If you run into an issue, reach out and we can fix it and add an automated test to catch regressions in the future.

Getting Started

All that is needed to access eddAPI is two things:

  • API Key: Provided by E-Dealer Direct.
  • User Account: Account on the E-Dealer Direct platform.

– Username – Token

To get a user account, either sign up on the website or reach out. Once you have an account and it’s been approved, we will assign you API keys.

Two endpoints exist. One for testing and another for production:

  • TEST: https://edealer-dev.herokuapp.com/
  • PRODUCTION: https://www.e-dealerdirect.com/


Three headers are required for a successful request and must be used in every request.

  • X-User-Email
  • X-User-Token

Example request using curl:

curl -X GET -d '{"vin":"String", "seller_account_id":"Integer"}' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "API-KEY: 123456" -H "X-User-Email: test@example.com" -H "X-User-Token: KsPnnKy2zg4hgDoBwz9B" 'https://edealer-dev.herokuapp.com/api/edd_api/v1/auctions/get_listing'




Resource Description
POST /api/edd_api/v1/auctions/create_listing Create an auction listing on E-DealerDirect.
POST /api/edd_api/v1/auctions/update_listing Update an auction listing on E-DealerDirect.
GET /api/edd_api/v1/auctions/get_listing Get status of previously created auction.
POST /api/edd_api/v1/auctions/end_listing Remove the auction from currently running.

Vehicle inspections

Resource Description
POST /api/edd_api/v1/vehicle_inspections/create_inspection Create a vehicle inspection.
POST /api/edd_api/v1/vehicle_inspections/update_inspection Update a vehicle inspection.


Resource Description
POST /api/edd_api/v1/vehicles/create_vehicle Create a vehicle. A vehicle is awaiting auction.