We're proudly headquarted in El Paso, Texas.

Auction in El Paso Texas

We're proudly headquartered in El Paso, Texas but serve financial institutions and dealerships all over the country and into Mexico.

We believe that our border community is a great place to start and grow a startup. Part of our success can be attributed to the support we’ve received from our fellow El Pasoan’s.

Many thanks go out to the Hub of Human Innovation and local leaders that have donated their time and guidance to help make our business a success. Also a big thank you to Co-Work Oasis and Vela Wood who have also supported us through our journey.

We believe that E-DealerDirect is merely the first in a wave of innovative new companies coming to the border land. We want to continually re-invest in our community and help others come up as well.

If you are a dealer or a financial institution, we can help you. Even if you’e not located in El Paso, we’ll treat you like family and give you the service and transparency that is lacking from other auctions.

We’re a big business with a small business work ethic; we treat every customer with respect and integrity.

If you are in El Paso, then great! Come see us at our physical location on Mesa, just north of downtown.