Is E-Dealer Direct really just a $200?
We are tired of the auto auction status quo – and on behalf of our customers offer an alternative to the ever-increasing amount of fees, time wasted, and transparency issues of the auto auction industry. Unlike other online and brick and mortar auctions, we only charge $200 per transaction. We are in the volume business, we leverage our technological platform to minimize our overhead and pass those savings along to our customers.
Who can sign-up for E-Dealer Direct?
You must have a dealer license to list and buy vehicles on our platform. When you sign up, we'll use your submitted dealer license number to verify your account. When verified, you will receive a confirmation link with further instructions.
Is E-Dealer Direct an auction?
Yes. E-Dealer Direct is an online dealer-to-dealer auction marketplace. Once a dealer is signed up, we inspect and photograph their vehicles before we list them our site. Once a vehicle is live on our site - our nationwide network of bidders compete to acquire the vehicle that is ultimately sold to the person offering the highest price.
What forms of payment does E-Dealer Direct accept?
E-Dealer Direct only accepts payment made in U.S. dollars by, ACH electronic funds transfer, check or by another financing arrangement or flooring company acceptable to E-Dealer Direct.
Do I have to make a long term commitment in order to use E-Dealer Direct?
You are free to stop using E-Dealer Direct at any time. E-Dealer Direct also reserves the right to suspend or end service at any time, at our discretion and without notice. For example, if a user account is not complying with our terms, or is using our services in a manner that would cause us legal liability, disrupt our services or disrupt others’ use of our services. E-Dealer Direct reserves the right to terminate and delete any account.
How does eDealer Direct work to get units bought and sold?
We have over 1000 registered dealers (and growing every day) buying and selling on our site. Better yet, our dedicated sales associates help our buyers find the units they want, and our sellers find the buyers they need. We root for every unit we host on our site. 24/7 auctions, no favoritism, no time or money wasted all day at an auction.