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We Find Exclusive Inventory

We gather inventory from leading providers and consolidate it into one easily accessible place.

  • Reposessions
  • Fleet
  • OEM
  • Fresh Trades
  • Old Age Inventory

We Make Sure It's Fresh

With so many sources of inventory, there is always something new to see on our auction platform. Our vehicles sell in a matter of days, not months.


Sellers Get Bids On Their Vehicles

Once a vehicle is listed, our nationwide network of buyers get pinged and interested parties are notified.

  • Set The Reserve
  • Accept Offers
  • Submit Counters
  • Create Proxy Bids

A Deal Is Made

E-DealerDirect pays the seller right away and handles collecting the money, transferring the title and setting up shipping. Forget about chasing titles, payment and lining up transportation; we're here for you.

Consistent and Quantifiable Pricing

  • $200 Buy Fee
  • $200 Sell Fee

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