Adding New Users

You are not limited to a certain number of users on our platform. Your dealership or financial institution can have as many users as needed. In this tutorial we show you how to add users to your organization.

Step 1: Navigate to the user management screen.

Open the top left menu and select the "Users" option to navigate to the user management screen.

Step 2: Click on the "Add User" button.

Clicking on the "Add User" button will reveal the add user form popup.

Step 3: Fill out the new user form.

Fill out the user information and give the new user a role within the organization. You will need to provide an initial default password for the user. Once the user logs in, they can change it to their preferred password.

If you do not fill in the form correctly, we'll let you know what updates need to be made.

You can also edit and remove users from this same admin screen.