Uploading a Vehicle

Selling a vehicle through the E-DealerDirect auction is easy, even if you are in a city that we don't have a physical presence in yet. Typically we go out and shoot a vehicle but sellers also have the ability to shoot their own vehicles.

Step 1

Open the top left navigation menu and choose the "New Vehicle" option under the "Selling" category. This will take you to the vehicle upload page.

Step 2

Click or drag and drop the vehicle photos into the upload section at the top left of the form. Photos must be comprehensive and representative of the vehicle condition.
Here is a list of required angles:
  • Exterior:
    • Front
    • Front Left Panel
    • Front Right Panel
    • Left Side
    • Left Side Doors
    • Right Side Doors
    • Back
    • Back Left Panel
    • Back Right Panel
    • Hood
    • Roof
    • Engine
    • All Tires/Wheels
  • Interior
    • Front Panel
      • Engine Lights/ Miles
    • Center console
    • Doors
    • Seats
    • Navigation

Step 3

Enter the VIN into the VIN input and click on the vehicle refresh button.

This will fetch the available Trim Options from our NADA integration. Choose the appropriate Trim for the vehicle.

Step 4

Choose the relevant accessories from the automatically populated list. Each addition affects the outputted NADA value.

Step 5

Fill out the rest of the form with the relevant information. Be sure to include a condition report document if your organization generates condition reports. The miles value will be taken into account on the outputted NADA values. Once everything is complete, press the "Update Vehicle" button at the bottom of the form.

If everything went well, you've now successfully uploaded a vehicle to our auction marketplace. It is now awaiting inspection and approval by one of our representatives. Once that vehicle is approved, an auction is created and you will have full control over the sale. Sellers have the ability to counter and accept bids at anytime via our easy to use sellers admin page located at "My Vehicles" in the top left navigation.