VGR: Creating a Vehicle Grading Report

The Vehicle Grading Report (VGR) is a comprehensive condition report and process that helps our users more accurately assess the condition and value of a vehicle. We walk you through a step by step valuation process where we track damage, modifications and accessories. Then we take the average of NADA, KBB and MMR book values, subtract the estimated reconditioning cost based on recorded damage to give you our suggested sell it now price.
There are two ways to complete a VGR for your vehicle. Either you do it yourself and accept the any arbitration liability or you can have us come by and do it so we’ll eat any arbitration that arrises. To get started either contact us today to come by and shoot your vehicles or login to the system to do it yourself. Once logged, you’ll have access to the “My Vehicles” section where there will be a button called “Create VGR”.

On the "My Vehicles" page you’ll have access to a button labeled “Create VGR”. Click it.

On the create page you will see a step by step process that covers the exterior, interior, tires and mechanical condition of the vehicle. Fill in the values and submit the form to create and attach the report.

Once a VGR is created for a vehicle, those values become available to all buyers on our platform. This transparency protects all parties involved, limits arbitration and helps buyers know what they’re getting into. VGR values are shown on the auction page and available for download via PDF.