How To Register

A walk through on registering for the platform. It's super simple to get started buying and selling vehicles on E-DealerDirect.

Managing Notification Preferences

Preferences determine what kind of vehicles we notify you about. Be the first to know about vehicles you're interested in, without having to sift through a bunch of vehicles you don't care about.

Marking a Vehicle as Sold Outside of E-DealerDirect

Sometimes you are able to retail a vehicle that is being auctioned on E-DealerDirect and that's ok. One of the great things about our platform is that you hold onto the car and don't lose out on retail opportunities. If you do sell a vehicle that is on auction, let us know so we don't keep sending you bids.

Placing a Bid and Proxy Bidding

Placing a bid on E-DealerDirect is quick and easy. We'll walk you through how to create a bid and setup a proxy so you don't miss out on a vehicle you're interested in.

Uploading a Vehicle

Selling a vehicle through the E-DealerDirect auction is easy, even if you are in a city that we don't have a physical presence in yet. Typically we go out and shoot a vehicle but sellers also have the ability to shoot their own vehicles.