VGR: Creating a Vehicle Grading Report

The Vehicle Grading Report (VGR) is a comprehensive condition report and process that helps our users more accurately assess the condition and value of a vehicle. We walk you through a step by step valuation process where we track damage, modifications and accessories. Then we take the average of NADA, KBB and MMR book values, subtract the estimated reconditioning cost based on recorded damage to give you our suggested sell it now price.

VGR: Vehicle Grading Report

The VGR is an acronym for our proprietary condition report called the Vehicle Grading Report. We’ve spent a good amount of time developing the VGR internally with our financial institution partners and now it’s available to all of our dealers to benefit from as well.

The VGR is a process but also an outputted vehicle valuation value. We start off with a step by step vehicle inspection that covers the exterior, interior, mechanical parts and tires.

Each component is inspected, photographed and recorded with our mobile app or mobile responsive website.